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Important information

1. Please, include your complete contact details with any donation from Israel or abroad, to enable us to issue a receipt.
2. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with section 46 of the Israel Income Tax Ordinance.
3. All donations from the USA are tax deductible, Our Tax Id # - 35 2227353
for more information please contact us  
at  : +972-3-9643151   or by email  info@lev.org.il .

If you wish to help, there are numerous ways
to contribute to Lev Hachesed foundation.

Other methods of Payment
To make a bank transfer
please fill out our contact form and our
representatives will contact you shortly,
  [click here]

Donation with credit card by phone
To make a credit card donations, please call us at:
Telephone +972-3-9643151
Fax +972-3-9690238

Donation with check by mail
If you would like to donate by check, please contact up with our contact form:
[click here]

Lev Hachesed  -  Help and Assistance to Needy Families and Children in Distress
Israel - 3 Leib Pinsker Street, P.O. Box 15467, Rishon Le-Tzion.   Phone : 972-3-9643151