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Dear friend

As you know, in recent times Israel has suffered an economic crisis and a sorrowful defense position which have caused a considerable deterioration in the situation of many families. Many families are in a difficult economic position involving personal embarrassment and a feeling of harsh frustration. Yes, it's hard to realize and the statistics hurt: many families are going hungry!

The latest statistics publicized in the poverty report say that over 1,200,000 people are living under the poverty line in Israel, including 800,000 children who have been born into a difficult reality of distress and this is here, around the corner and closer than we thought. It's sad that our pace of life prevents us from relating to the distress of others, but with a little attention and sensitivity it becomes clear that we must do something for them.

In Rishon LeTziyon, the fourth largest city in Israel, there are now hundreds of residents who permanently need help to get food every week to complete their diet. The municipality, by means of the Administration for Social Integration and the Welfare Office, does all it can to aid the hundreds of needy families and hundreds of children in distress. However, due to budgetary problems, which are part of the difficult economic situation in the whole country, the municipality cannot do enough.

The Lev Hachesed project enters the picture here. which is operated by "Osim Mikol Halev" and grants aid to immigrant and veteran families in harsh distress whether they be religious or secular and regardless of origin.

Lev Hachesed is not supported by any government body but relies on public contributions. We are also coordinated with the welfare services.

Please help us to help them by aiding this important humanitarian project in Rishon LeTziyon.


Thank you, "Osim Mikol Halev"

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Lev Hachesed  -  Help and Assistance to Needy Families and Children in Distress
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